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Berlin Smart City Moblity

Germany's capital, Berlin, is looking to become a Smart City. One project to reach that goal is to improve their mobility and traffic.

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Smart Parking in Les Mureaux

The following is a complete overview of a smart city project in Les Mureaux, France designed to make parking more effiecent and effective for those who drive in the city. 

The project's goals, methods, and resources are all included, along with pages diving deep into the uses of technology, benefits of the project, decision making that went into the implementation, and ethical principles involved as well. 

This project is specifically relevant because it is applicable to all cities dominated by car and motor vehicle travel. It also has a global relevance, as there are other major cities in Europe and the US following suit. One example being Barcelona, who also has implemented similar sensor technology to monitor and display available parking. 

Read on to see what Les Mureaux is doing, and you can also find more information regarding the project here

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AT&T Smart Cities Program Chicago

AT&T has launched a Smart Cities Pilot Program has been launched in cities and regions across the United States including Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Dallas, Miami-Dade County and the Windy City, Chicago. Their goals for the Chicago program are to "keep Chicago residents and tourists more productive, engaged and informed as they move about town."

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