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MSU Solar Array Carport Project

To support a growing campus, Michigan State University aims to go green, better utilize renewable energy, and save on unnecessary costs. As a result, their Board of Trustees approved the MSU Energy Transition Plan in 2012. This plan revolves around three main goal criteria to assist MSU at going green (improve the physical enviroment, invest in sustainable energy research & development, and become an educational leader in sustainable energy). 

To effectively reach all goals of the Energy Transition Plan, the MSU Solar Array Carport Project was born. Upon completion, this will be the largest solar array carport in all of North America. The project uses advanced technology to implement goals of the ETP plan - saving the university money, and bringing numerous additional benefits to MSU.

Below is a breakdown of each Energy Transition Plan goal:

1. Improve the physical environment

    a. Avoid wasteful & carbon intensive practices

    b. Improve energy efficiency

    c. Replace high carbon energy sources with lower carbon energy sources

    d. Offset emissions that cannot be avoided, reduced or replaced

2. Invest in sustainable energy research & development

    a. Position campus as a living-learning laboratory for research

    b. Support sustainable energy research programs

    c. Demonstrate sustainable energy projects on campus

    d. Streamline facilities, policies, and systems to enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration

3. Become an educational leader in sustainable energy

    a. Educate stakeholders

    b. Share energy transition process

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