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Lansing Smart Grid

To work with a big need to save money and energy Lansing has been working at two main projects: Smart Lighting and the Smart Grid. Through the Lansing Board of Water and Light, LBWL for short, the more newer changed are being managed through. Lansing government approved a small trial for the initial run for smart lighting back in 2008, and with such an overwhlming positive responce they decided to continue with it. General Manager J. Peter Lark has stated that the company has been thinking about the Smart Grid program for many years as well, and this was announced back in 2014.

Each one of these tackles a different way to address the problem:

By using smart lighting, the city of Lansing wants to address their outdated technology and replace it with better, more energy efficient technology, as well as make Lansing  much safer place to be.

By using the smart grids, the city of Lansing wants to monitor energy and water output. This will also result in cheaper and fewer bills as well as safe, responsive repair times.

Both of these projects deal with sophisticated technology and bring many benefits to both the city and its users. Through careful decision making and consideration of ethical problems these projects will bring light to Lansing.

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