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Kansas City World's Most Connected City

Kansas City is now the worlds most connected city thanks to the installation of cutting-edge technologies though public-private partnerships which will improve everyday experiences for residents. Smart City initiatives utilizes real-time data to deliver basic services more efficiently and will attract economic development & entrepreneurs.

“A city that uses information and communications technology to enhance its livability, workability, and sustainability.” —The Smart Cities Council

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Chicago Rats Cover image.jpg

Killing rats in Chicago

Chicago is creating algorithms from their collection of phone call complaints and social media postings over 12 years of time. They used this data to create and algorithm to predict a rat infestation 7 days before someone would see a rat. Data engineers save every tweet and Facebook post geocoded in Chicago. This info that is taken is organized as crime or sanitation complaints to look over and deal with later hoping they will be able to address all of them.

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