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Locking In Livability

As many policy makers and academics have described, it is very difficult to define a precise, definite way to gentrify metropolises into good, smart cities. For instance, simply defining a, “Smart City” is not explicit.

Inclusivity. Placemaking. Involvement. Community Voice. Growth. Economic Strength. Cultural Acceptance. LIVABILITY. Housing Equality. Nature. Creativity. Climate. Sustainability. Multimodal Transportation. Infrastructure.

The list goes on and on. “Smart Cities” have many different defining factors depending on the specific city and it’s needs. However, Smart Cites all work to grow in a positive manner towards the factors listed above. Inclusivity and cultural acceptance of every citizen from every background. Economic growth in order to promote the well-being of the city and provide job opportunities for its residents. Housing equality, offering fair priced housing for every income level. Creativity pertaining to art, shops, lights, infrastructure, architecture and more. Nature and climate adaptability. Placemaking promoting community involvement and voice. Finally, Livability, which adds to the quality of a community’s life. Generating a multi-faceted approach to promoting smart growth. Which, in turn, creates a location city dwellers share proudly.

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