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Smart City Challenge Winner: Columbus, Ohio

"Columbus has a bold vision to be a community that provides beauty, prosperity and health for all of its citizens."

#SmartCityPitch: Columbus, Ohio

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Berlin Smart City Moblity

Germany's capital, Berlin, is looking to become a Smart City. One project to reach that goal is to improve their mobility and traffic.

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Chicago Smart Lighting Program

“This project is a win-win  it will deliver one of the largest lighting modernization programs in the country while addressing one of the top reasons residents call 311.”

—Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The Chicago Smart Lighting Program is a four-year city-wide lighting initiative designed to convert over 270,000 outdated high pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures to energy-efficient LED streetlights.

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Smart Cities for All

            Smart Cities for All (SC4A) is a program created by G3ict (the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies) and World Enabled (a non-profit that advocates for the rights of those with disabilities). G3ict and World Enabled began Smart Cities for All to both bring accessibility to the forefront of smart city discussions and make accessibility guidelines easier to understand and follow. They plan to “eliminate the digital divide for persons with disabilities and older persons in smart city programs worldwide” ( To do so, Smart Cities for All has acquired a network of support, from Microsoft to AT&T, to effect change from within smart cities.

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Array of Things - Chicago

The city of Chciago hopes to become a "digitally connected" city by using sensory technology to gather data about its citizens, air quality, and other environmental factors. It hopes that making this data accessible to all through the city's open data portal will inspire contributors to point out problems and potential solutions for the city. This process is meant to rebrand Chicago as an innovative city.

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