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Smart Green Infrastructure Management System

The Smart Green Infrastructure Management (SGIM) System is a way to naturally handle urban flooding.  The system uses planters, bump outs, and permeable pavement to allow rainwater to soak into the ground as opposed to drain into the sewer system. 

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Chicago Smart Lighting Program

“This project is a win-win  it will deliver one of the largest lighting modernization programs in the country while addressing one of the top reasons residents call 311.”

—Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The Chicago Smart Lighting Program is a four-year city-wide lighting initiative designed to convert over 270,000 outdated high pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures to energy-efficient LED streetlights.

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North Branch Framework Plan

The North Branch Framework is a land use plan for 760 acres along the Chicago River between Kinzie Street and Fullerton Avenue. The plan calls for a major transfer from traditional industry to advanced manufacturing, better access for all transportation modes, and leverage the land's unique environment. 

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