These specific solar panels are capable of turning 17% of collected solar power into renewable energy. That is roughly 200x more than what current solar panels on MSU's campus are generating. During peak daylight hours, the panels generate around 10-11 megawatt energy hours. During overcast days, the panels still generate renewable energy, just at a slightly slower pace.

To protect against certain Michigan-prone weather conditions, the panels sit at a slight tilt and generate a small amount of heat, enabling them to slide rain, snow, and hail off of their surface. However, the heat generated is small enough to not injure any local plant and animal life. 

Specific technology information from Inovateus Solar LLC

Rated System Size: 13.5 MW(dc)

Panel Type: (40,000) Talesun TP672M 335W

Racking System: Schletter

Inverter: (7) Power Electronics FS 1480 CU

Designed Annual Output: 15,269 MWh (5% of MSU's annual energy use)